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Pokésav is a program to hack the save files on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. have an R4 or are using a ROM, using Pokesav. important.To update your R4,you must download a file into your R4 How to Use Pokesav for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: an Idiots Guide to Technology: this is an instructable on how to use Pokesav which can be found here. just click on the download pokesav link and a message will prompt to open it. just download it and open it up, and you should get a window that has a whole bunch of stuff tha There are two why to make Pokemon daimon/pear to save games. 1. Replaced your non working *.sav files from working save files using someone posted on web. Pokemon diamon.sav file. It will work, you’ll save it over your own play. But can't save again if you loose *.sav 2. The Pokemon clean dump rom needs to be patched with IPSwin program. It works, it loads saves, it saves saves and does all that needed checksumming. Works with: Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Heart Gold Pokemon Soul Silver Currently it does: Edits trainer data TID SID Gender Money Badges Edits Box Pokemon Move pokemon around boxes Delete pokemon Clone pokemon Edits Pokemon IV & EVs Reddit, can I transfer a NDS ROM save file to an NDS game card? I used to upload and download saves from my g6 flash 3 lite to my Pokemon Diamond game so I could back them up on my computer. A good slot 2 flashcart is hard to find these days, but if you decide to get one, I would recommend the EZFlashIV since it has compatibility for both The saves of these games cannot be easily edited with PKHeX though, since PKHeX expects a different file size for Gen II saves. Direct support for these kind of files will surely be added by Kaphotics someday but in the meantime, you can use this converter right here to easily modify the size of your save file so that it can be used with PKHeX.

PokeGen Pokemon Editor for Pokemon Black 2, White 2, Black, White, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl.

Guide: How to Get Pokemon to X/Y Using the "R4" Method. Post by Spectrelepsy » Thu May 22, 2014 3:36 pm . Drag your save file for Pokemon Black (in my case it looks like "Pokemon Black Version.sav") from your Micro SD Card to somewhere on your PC. How to Get Pokemon to X/Y Using the "R4" Method. Post by FlameSpeedster » Thu May 22 For Pokemon Platinum Version on the DS, GameFAQs has 6 save games. Asked in Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum Is it possible to fix corrupted save files on an R4? Too play a game on TTDS you will need to download the .NDS (.nds) file from a ROM site (e.g I'm looking to extract the .sav files of certain NDS games (Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Ranger, LOZ: Phantom Hourglass, LOZ: Spirit Tracks, and a few others) for which I'm using the How can I backup NDS .sav files to my computer? Ask Question Asked 3 years, 4 months ago. Save files for pokemon games are stored on the How to put a save file into a ds game? Hello i am trying to put my .sav file into my Pokemon Diamond game cartridge is there anyway possible because i really don't want to pirate games anymore and I'm staying legit now and i'm wondering how to put these files in the ds games so my file can be in the real cartridge thank you very much for your help How to fix corrupt pokemon saves (HG / SS) Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Cheesewizard you could just go back one more save file and find if that one is also corrupt, then go back another one until you find one that works. Needs to be 512 .SAV, preferably the CycloDS, R4, M3, Acekard type. Didn't we discuss this before

Hi guys, Tech James here, In this tutorial, I will show you guys how to import custom save files onto actual GameBoy Advance game cartridges! This is great if you want shiny Pokémon on real GBA

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Need help on using checkpoint and pksm for editing a r4 Pokemon platinum save file. So I tried to create a platinum folder by copying the layout of pokemon Diamond and Pearl. And I also change the sav file name into - POKEMON PLATINUM.sav. but when I go over to pksm, it didn't pick up the save file nor folder.

How to use our NDS ROMs. The Nintendo DS is the second best selling console ever produced, second only to the Sony Playstation 2. The system features dual screens, which works well for games in the RPG and adventure genre and therefore we saw a lot of great games in these styles. Could you make two save files, Pokemon Emerald Questions and answers, Gameboy Advance. Close . Game Search ; it will backup the save file onto the MicroSD card in the R4, and you can put that into your computer and copy the file for backup later on. The emulator can only do one .sav file (game save) per ROM. If you make a copy of your They're all ARDS Max save files, so you'll have to use Shuny's converter. Since you use Wood R4, the target format should be RAW. Once that's done, the save file should be renamed to the rom's name.nds.sav, ie abc.nds and abc.nds.sav. 1. Are you sure you DL'd the save for your version of the game? 2. Did you rename the save to have the same filename as your ROM? 3. Did you copy the .sav to your Battery folder? If you have and R4 then go download a .sav file and rename it to go with your rom. Sheesh Can you migrate Pokemon from pearl to a diamond file on r4? Pokésav is a program to hack the save

東方人形劇 (Touhou Ningyougeki) Author: へもぐろびんA1C Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red (J) Current version: 1.53 and 1.812 Status: Final Also known as Touhou Puppet Play. This is official version of japanese touhoumon.

poke sav is for dstt its an sav file dstt is something to download games sav is a save file of the files that the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum use, to store, and load Specialized

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be out later this year on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo announced today. PokeSAV- A great system for making Action Replay codes for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum on the Nintendo DS. This Pokesav tutorial will teach you how to edit your pokemon saves to unlock Pokésmon, clone, give you unlimited money, items, badges, and more. 東方人形劇 (Touhou Ningyougeki) Author: へもぐろびんA1C Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red (J) Current version: 1.53 and 1.812 Status: Final Also known as Touhou Puppet Play. This is official version of japanese touhoumon. Unlimited Platinum,Gems,Gold Miscrits World of Creatures Hack – No Survey.. cheats and also codes for online games from a variety of sources. Spelbestanden. Database met meer dan 10.000 bestandsextensies en instructies voor probleemoplossing voor onbekende bestandsindelingen.